A Moral Imperative Report and Presentation

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Participants of the Future-Ready Superintendents Institute, a group of 39 superintendents and senior-level district administrators in the early stages of their careers that came together in 2012 to understand, design, and initiate innovative systemic changes locally and statewide, worked in teams to produce various tools that could be used across the state to further advance Mission: School Transformation, including a report and slide presentation.

The report was intended to serve as a vehicle for moving forward the tenets of Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas. It provides a background of both the Public Education Visioning Institute and Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Institute and suggests a theoretical framework for answering the questions: “Why transformation?” and “How to transform?” By challenging its readers to not deny their moral imperative, the vision moves to action and, ultimately, to reality.


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June 1, 2018