Texas public schools are evolving to better prepare future-ready graduates.

Goals of the New Vision for Texas Public Schools

Digital Learning

Schools must embrace and seize technology’s potential to make their learning experiences more engaging to capture the hearts and minds of students.

Community-Based Accountability

Community-based accountability empowers students, parents, and educators to build a learning community that honors and supports the work of students, teachers, and parents.

High-Priority Learning Standards

Learning standards must allow students to develop the cognitive and social skills they need to solve the complex problems of a rapidly changing world.

Organizational Transformation

Schools must be transformed into learning organizations where only the mundane is standardized and standards are used to nurture aspirations and accommodate human variables.

Multiple Assessments

Schools must authentically assess student progress using multiple and varied methods that inform educators and parents of the extent to which learning is occurring.

College & Career Readiness

An educational system guided by the principles that drive the Consortium will prepare students for post-secondary education, the workforce, and productive citizenship.

Mission-Focused Groups

Future-Ready Superintendents Leadership Network (FRSLN)

A superintendent-designed and led group that gathers for events that provide authentic learning experiences

Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC)

A group of Texas school districts working together to develop next-generation measures and assessments

School Transformation Network (STN)

For 2023-24, TASA is redesigning our School Transformation Network to better complement FRSLN and TPAC. The new STN will focus on “transforming the basics” — finance, staffing, board relations, and more — the systems that support instruction.

Get Future-Ready

Review Resources

Reading the visioning document, Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas, is an inspiring first step for school leaders who want to create school environments that  better prepare students to be future-ready.

Get Expert Assistance

Schools and districts have a variety of services and training opportunities available to assist them as they work toward organizational transformation and student-centered learning environments.

Participate in Professional Learning

School and district leaders should seek out professional learning opportunities that will help them become transformational leaders.

Contact Us

If you would like assistance with school transformation in your school or district or would like to learn more, contact TASA.