Digital Learning

Schools must embrace and seize technology’s potential to make their learning experiences more engaging to capture the hearts and minds of students.

Community-Based Accountability

Community-based accountability empowers students, parents, and educators to build a learning community that honors and supports the work of students, teachers, and parents.

High-Priority Learning Standards

Learning standards must allow students to develop the cognitive and social skills they need to solve the complex problems of a rapidly changing world.

Organizational Transformation

Schools must be transformed into learning organizations where only the mundane is standardized and standards are used to nurture aspirations and accommodate human variables.

Multiple Assessments

Schools must authentically assess student progress using multiple and varied methods that inform educators and parents of the extent to which learning is occurring.

College & Career Readiness

An educational system guided by the principles that drive the Consortium will prepare students for post-secondary education, the workforce, and productive citizenship.
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