About the Mission


What is the Mission?

If we teach today’s students the way we taught yesterday’s, they will not be prepared for the future.

Mission: School Transformation is about engaging the digital generation with new technologies. It’s about learning standards that focus on the development of the whole person, tapping curiosity and imagination, and preparing students to be future-ready. It’s about continuously assessing student progress using a variety of tools and adjusting learning environments so they best meet students’ needs.

It is a movement to evolve Texas public education into a system based on trust, shared values, creativity, innovation, and respect that is based on the guiding principles of the Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas visioning document »

Who's Who?

If you’re interested in learning more, take advantage of the opportunity to network with members of the groups that are leading the movement to transform Texas public schools. »

How did it come to be?

See a timeline of the important events and a summary of the state laws that continue to shape the transformation of Texas public schools. Also watch this video, which documents the work that led to Mission: School Transformation »

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