Millsap ISD, a Consortium Associates district, will continue its transformation to provide a 21st-century learning environment under new superintendent Deann Lee, who previously served as assistant superintendent in the district.

“One of the biggest goals we will develop is for each student to become an innovative thinker,” Lee told the Weatherford Democrat.

The district is moving to student-centered, rather than teacher-centered, learning and will take a year to train teachers and staff. “Actual implementation is next year … it’s such a different way of teaching and learning we wanted to take the entire year,” she explained.

Lee said that the educational landscape is changing. Students are taking a more autonomous approach, while teachers set objectives within a responsible environment.

“In the 21st century it’s not the teacher being the holder of all knowledge, it’s the student discovering knowledge with direction from the teacher. The teacher keeps the student focused within parameters and objectives. They give the student flexibility to pursue what’s in those parameters.”

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