Each high school in Mesquite ISD, a Consortium Associate district, will have an innovation prototype classroom equipped with flexible furniture and technology, thanks to funding provided in the 2016-17 budget.

The idea behind the innovative classrooms is to get students collaborating and asking questions so they learn from each other and allow the classroom teacher to serve as a facilitator of learning.

“It all started when Dr. V [Superintendent David Vroonland] got here. We started having lots of conversations about distributive leadership and defined autonomy,” said Denise Kutch, assistant superintendent. “We talked about how do we get students to a place where they can make not incremental but exponential learning gains. When you get some talk like that started, you get a revolution. A small revolution has been going on with innovative classroom learning design across the district.”

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See a video on the prototype classrooms produced by Mesquite ISD.