Lancaster ISD in Region 10, a Texas High Performance Schools Consortium district, has launched a partnership with city officials to implement a multi-faceted plan called Village 2020 to improve opportunities for future generations.

The plan includes goals in 12 categories: quality academics; college and career readiness; secure environments; excellent facilities; socially responsible students; effective parental involvement; opportunities for civic and community engagement; quality of life; a connected city in terms of technology; wellness programs and recreational activities; job opportunities and career development activities; and thriving and diverse residential and commercial development.

According to a June 2016 Dallas Morning News article, Village 2020 calls for several actions to be in place no later than 2020. It seeks to ensure that every student in the district has access to the city library and its technology. Plans include establishing a firefighters academy for students, partnerships with businesses to provide internships, and a logistics academy within the district.

Village 2020 urges student leaders to participate in the city’s youth advisory boards. Youth recreational programs are to be aligned with the school district’s coaching staff. Aspiring school district leaders — such as principals and assistant principals — are required to serve in some capacity on one of the city’s boards and commissions.

Other endeavors include a partnership between students and the city’s engineering department to conduct hydrology studies. And a Flint, Mich., water study is being used as a science problem-based learning activity. Universal Wi-Fi is also a goal.

Lancaster ISD was among the first in the state to offer a complete STEM education across all grade levels. Representatives of more than 50 Texas districts have visited the district to study its STEM program.

Learn more about Lancaster ISD’s Village 2020 plan.