Burkburnett ISD in Region 9 was recently in the news again because of its involvement in the Texas Public Accountability Consortium (TPAC), a group of school districts working to further community-based accountability in Texas.

The district is working toward implementation of its own community-based accountability system, and part of that process is bringing together community stakeholders to define a profile of a graduate.

“We brought together community members, teachers, staff and asked them simple questions. What do we want our graduates to have the abilities to do,” said Dr. Tylor Chaplin, superintendent. He said that responsibility, collaboration, corporation, and ownership of their actions were some of the answers.

“We need to prepare [students] for the world that they are going into, and that world is not the world that I went into or that you went into when you were in high school,” said Chaplin. “It’s changing quickly for many reasons and so we needed to talk to parents and say how do we prepare students for that world.”

See the TV news clip.