The Commission on Next-Generation Assessments and Accountability, created in 2015 by HB 2804 to “develop and make recommendations for new systems of student as­sessment and public school accountability,” met for the second time February 23, 2016.
During one of three panel discussions, Texas High Performance Schools Consortium Steering Committee Co-chair Karen Rue, superintendent, Northwest ISD, and Dawson Orr, former co-chair of the Consortium Steering Committee, provided the Commission with information on the Consortium, including its legislative charge, work, and recommendations related to assessment and accountability. (HB 2804 required that the Commission consider the Consortium’s recommendations when it prepares its report to the Legislature.)
At its first meeting on January 20, the Commission reviewed its charges and the state’s assessment and accountability systems. No public testimony was taken. The Commission is scheduled to meet again March 23, April 20, May 25, and July 27.