Amarillo ISD, a Consortium Associate district, is launching its Profile of a Graduate initiative, a collaboration between district leadership and the community aimed at developing graduates who are ready for the rapidly changing 21st century and the local workforce. The first in a series of community advisory group meetings will take place on Tuesday, May 3, from 12:30 – 4 p.m. at the Region 16 Education Service Center, 5800 Bell.

“We’re asking the community to help us define not just who the successful high school graduate is, but how the successful graduate is shaped, and where those graduates fit into the local workforce,” said AISD Superintendent Dr. Dana West. “I believe schools are the epicenter for economic development. As school people, we need to hear the things community members expect from our graduates.  We’re developing Amarillo’s future, and our students need to be able to provide the dynamic, skilled workforce our community demands.”

The Profile of a Graduate initiative will bring together more than 60 community leaders representing at least 18 local industries and career fields, who’ve signed up to meet with district representatives including Dr. West, executive directors, high school principals, school board members and students. The program will include a series of three brainstorming sessions led by presenter Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader 21, a national network of school and district leaders focused on integrating the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity into the classroom.

Ultimately, the ideas and concepts that come out of the Profile of a Graduate sessions will help guide the scope of work necessary in the classroom to develop graduates with the comprehensive and marketable skills and knowledge needed for success in an ever-changing job environment.

“We know our job is to teach reading, writing and math. Everyone expects that from our schools,” Dr. West said. “But when our students graduate, they should be able to show the world who they are. With Profile of a Graduate, we’re enhancing our mission to prepare students for success beyond high school. This vision will ensure graduates are the complete package and that there is a place for them to thrive in the local workforce,” she added.

The community advisory group will also meet in half-day sessions on May 19 and June 7 at the AISD Rod Schroder Education Support Center. Additionally, there will be print and video pieces complementing the advisory committee’s efforts and highlighting select AISD graduate success stories.

Learn more about Amarillo ISD’s Profile of a Graduate.