Education Reimagined, a nationwide initiative of the Convergence Center for Policy Resolution in which TASA has participated, recently partnered with TLTalkRadio hosts Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten, superintendent and assistant superintendent at Salisbury Township School District, to launch the “Shift Your Paradigm” podcast series.

The series showcases learner-centered pioneers (including young learners) and their insights on what leadership looks like in the learner-centered paradigm.

Episode three of “Shift Your Paradigm” features Kevin Brown, superintendent of Alamo Heights ISD, a Consortium Associate district, and Frank Alfaro, AHISD’s assistant superintendent. Brown and Alfaro have led Alamo Heights to collaboratively develop the AHISD Profile of a Learner, which describes the characteristics and attributes the community desires for  21st century students.

In the podcast, Brown shares why he no longer feels anxious when he doesn’t know how to move forward. He’s developed a strong faith in the educators and learners in his community and knows they will all figure it out together.