We are looking for a few, good bloggers, and we need your recommendations!

Here’s the Story

TASA sponsors the “Vision in Practice” blog that is featured on our Mission: School Transformation website. The blog was started several years ago in coordination with TASA by a small team of educators working with TASA on our TASA on iTunesU project, as a means to support our efforts related to school transformation.

If you’ve read the blog, you know that its purpose is to provide insight into classrooms, campuses, and districts transforming teaching and learning to meet the needs of students in the 21st century. The examples shared and stories told with words and images are meant to paint a picture of quality work in progress in our state that supports the principles outlined in Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas

“Vision in Practice” is meant to inspire teachers by providing ideas and examples of how the visioning document principles are being implemented in classrooms across the state.

Our Call for Bloggers

“Vision in Practice” coordinator and chief blogger Catherine McGuinness is looking for guest bloggers to help provide a steady stream of valuable content to benefit Texas teachers. Do you know a teacher or curriculum/instruction expert who would be interested in submitting a blog post related to 21st century learning in a Texas classroom?

Ideal Guest Bloggers Have

  • a valid Texas teaching certificate and classroom teaching experience
  • the ability to demonstrate knowledge of research-based best practices
  • working knowledge of curriculum and instruction
  • thorough knowledge of effective professional development, including coaching and mentoring
  • extensive knowledge of technology and instructional applications
  • strong communication skills (good writers!)
  • passion for preparing future-ready graduates!

If You Know Someone Who Fits the Bill

Forward them this email, and ask them to contact Catherine McGuinness to express their interest in submitting a guest blog post and pitch their topic idea to her. She will be in touch and work with those whose ideas seem like a good fit for “Vision in Practice.”