In September 2015, an exciting effort to reimagine education that began two years before went public when Education Reimagined released A Transformational Vision for Education in the U.S.

The signatories to the vision include Dallas ISD Superintendent Michael Hinojosa, who was involved in the 18-month process that led to the production of the Education Reimagined vision. He said of its release: “It will take time to get going, but there is already a quiet revolution going on in America around learner-centered education. Having a vision that people can get behind will make it very exciting and generate great momentum.”

Texas High Performance Schools Consortium Steering Committee Co-chair Greg Smith, superintendent of Clear Creek ISD, and TASA President-elect Kevin Brown, superintendent of Alamo Heights ISD, along with several members of their leadership teams, also contributed to the conversation at a meeting in spring 2014.

In many respects A Transformational Vision for Education in the U.S. complements Texas’ Mission: School Transformation and adds another national voice to the ongoing dialogue about the future of public schools. It lays out a vision in which our factory-school model of education has been transformed into a truly learner-centered one. It is a future with thriving learners surrounded by engaged and empowered parents, educators, and communities. It’s a vision in which the concepts of time, place, way, and path adapt to meet the learner’s needs, passions, circumstances, and interests, supporting them to develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions they need to thrive.

Education Reimagined is an initiative of Convergence, a nonprofit that convenes sustained dialogues among leaders, doers, and thinkers with conflicting views to create breakthrough solutions on issues of national concern. All those involved are eager to bring the vision into the broader education conversation and find, connect, and amplify those excited and interested in making the possibility of learner-centered education a reality. They know that many schools, districts, networks, funders, and others already working to transform education.